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MarketsandMarkets has put together a platform for the leading experts of the industry to discuss strategies, technologies and innovations in tissue engineering & biomaterials, cellular therapies and diagnosis of regenerative medicines at the Next-Gen Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering Conference scheduled to be held on 8th-9th October 2018, Frankfurt, Germany.

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5 Hours of Networking


Time Speaker Name Presentation Title
09:15 James Adjaye Opening Remarks from the Chairman
09:20 Alain Vertes Keynote Presentation: Method and practices to diversify cell-based products
09:55 James Adjaye Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived mesenchymal stem cells (iMSCs)
10:30 Andrew Mearns Spragg Next generation collagen derived from jellyfish, a new versatile biomaterial
11:40 Alexander M. Seifalian Development of cardiovascular graft using tissue engineering approach
12:15 Aline F. Miller Peptide hydrogels for regenerative medicine; from bench to bedside
13:50 Lucas Sebastian Amniotic fluid and Urine as sources of renal stem cells
15:00 Alina Depkat Manufacturing or personalized medicine starts at the hospital
16:20 Philippe Henon GMP production of autologous CD34+ cell grafts for regenerative medicine in myocardial infarction
Time Speaker Name Presentation Title
09:00 Alexander M. Seifalian Opening Remarks from the Chairman
09:10 Alexander M. Seifalian Graphene-based nanocomposites are the next generation 3D scaffold for development human organs
09:45 Peggy Sotiropoulou Targeting hematologic and solid malignancies with the same CAR
11:45 Soraia Martins Establishing and validating an Alzheimer’s disease iPSC-based platform
12:20 Dr. Qasim Rafiq Process development and manufacturing strategies for ATMPs
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Alain Vertes
Alain Vertes

Managing Director, NxR Biotechnlogies GMBH, Switzerland

Dr. Tiffany Rau
Dr. Tiffany Rau

Senior Consultant, Bioprocessing Technology Consultants, USA

Francisco Vidal Fayos
Francisco Vidal Fayos


Aastrom Biosciences


Our Speakers

Alain Vertes
Alain Vertes

Managing Director, NxR Biotechnlogies GMBH, Switzerland

James Adjaye
James Adjaye

Chair of Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine, Director, Institute for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine, Germany

Philippe Henon
Philippe Henon

President & CSO CellProthera, France

Peggy Sotiropoulou
Peggy Sotiropoulou

R&D Manager


Alina Depkat
Alina Depkat

Key Account Manager

time:matters GmbH

Dr. Qasim Rafiq
Dr. Qasim Rafiq

Assistant Professor, Bioprocess engineering Aston Medical Research Institute, Aston University, UK

Aline F. Miller
Aline F. Miller

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer

Manchester Biogel

Alexander M. Seifalian
Alexander M. Seifalian

Director & Professor of Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine

Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine Commercialisation Centre (Ltd)

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